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The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company







Main premise: 1353, Corniche El-Nil, Shobra, Cairo.


The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company is a subsidiary/affiliate of the holding company for the pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the

largest distributing companies of local and imported drugs, children dairy and supported drugs to insure distributive justice. It was established on

1/7/1965 with a capital of one million pounds and sales of the amount of 17.35 million pounds and the number of clients about 1,000 customers. And

since then it has witnessed a huge evolution/development in all activities till its sales reached 5.16 billion in 30/6/2014. The company deals with 6573

medicinal drugs for 267 foreign, local and commercial companies.


Our Strategy:

The company's strategy is consistent with the wide vision of the country to provide the needed drugs to every citizen in every spot in the country. In

the sight of this vision, we pledge to distribute the medicines and drugs to all hospitals and pharmacies with the optimum way of storage and



Our Mission:

We always strive to provide our customers with drugs in various ways. We are constantly working to improve the market requirements and we are

aware of the ongoing changes in technology and pledge to apply the highest technology to support our goals to provide the best and latest service up to

our customers.


Our Goals:

The use and implementation of the latest technological tools for increasing and serving our customers, and thus increasing our share in the

pharmaceutical market.

Define and standardize work processes to reach the fastest best possible quality.

Specify a work plan for our company which will be evidence and the plan to follow for all managers to achieve the best performance in their departments

to get the best results to keep us on top of the import and trade of pharmaceutical distribution market.

Encourage and train staff so that it can increase the activity of the company to import, trade and distribution of medicines to become the ideal model for

the performance of the pharmaceutical distribution companies to meet the customers' needs and contribute to the challenges of

competition in the market.



The human resources are our greatest gains and they are the cornerstone of our success. Consequently, one of our priorities is the development of our

human personnel which ensures the providing the best services to our customers. That's why we are proud to employ the most experienced, competed

and skilled team where more than 5000 employees of pharmacists, accountants, administrators and legal experts, engineers, technicians and marketers

working for us at the highest level of competence and experience.


Sectors and Sales Activities:

            Branches Sectors:-

1. Cairo Branches Sector: This sector is working to provide all medical preparations to all pharmacies in the governorates of Greater Cairo (Cairo,

Giza, October, Helwan) , the Canal governorates and all the way to Arish in order to meet the needs of pharmacies in these regions.

2. Alexandria and Nautical Branches Sector: This sector provides sales services to all pharmacies in waterfront governorates, Alexandria, Matrouh and

all the way to Salloum  to meet the needs of the citizens of pharmaceuticals.

3. Upper Egypt Branches Sector: This sector provides sales services to all pharmacies in Upper Egypt governorates like Fayoum till Aswan reaching to

Abu Simble. In addition to Al Wady Al Gadid  and Red Sea Coast governorates, where drugs will be distributed to pharmacies through a number of

scattered branches in all governorates of the Country and also, through fleet cars ready and fully equipped at the highest level of transport levels

preserving the validity of medicines.

            Importation Sector:-

The company imports vital medicines that have no alternatives in the Egyptian market and aren't produced by a group of factories in the country. The

most famous of these kinds; Insulin with all its types, baby milk and medicine interferon drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C infection, as well as

heart disease, cancer drugs, blood vessels, anti bleeding, diabetic, Asthma and allergy treating drugs.

The company provides all hospital needs of the drugs and intensive care medications.

The company imports 27 special drugs and their alternatives from foreign companies.

The company imports 255 medications, 162 of which are for general use (provided in pharmacies) and 92 of which are for personal use or in hospitals (Limited availability and special uses).

The company is the sole agent and distributor for a huge number of international pharmaceutical companies.

            Pharmacies Sector:-

This sector provides medicine to the public through pharmacies that are constituent to the company and spread in Cairo and other governorates. 22 out

of them are called Ambulance Pharmacies. Some of the 72 public pharmacies work 24 hours to provide the needs of the public like Ambulance

pharmacy in Cairo in 26th July; Telephone number: 0225743369 & 0225787806 and Alexandria's Ambulance in Al Mansheyah; Telephone number:


The company also serves the public and workers in institutions and companies. They are 25 pharmacies and called internal pharmacies, in addition to

24 more that are called street pharmacies.

Moreover, another 24 pharmacies specialized in dispensing of the liver medicine-based affiliate of the National project centers to combat hepatitis C,

were established and are under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.


            Hospitals and Tenders Sectors:-

The company owns 5 branches and they are:

1. Public hospitals branch: 0222057837

2. Private hospitals branch: 0222029045

3. Alexandria hospitals branch: 033619567

4. Al-Mansourah hospital branch: 05023308805 & 05023308804

5. Assiut hospital branch: 0882373705 & 0882373704

Those branches supply public hospitals and directorates of Health Affairs and Health Insurance for all governorates of the Country.

This sector is also quoting in governmental tenders carried out by the Ministry of Health, university hospitals and the Ministry of Defense each year to

supply the affiliate hospitals of all types of drugs that patients need in these hospitals to guarantee the arrival of medications on an ongoing basis and in

an elegant way to meet the needs of those in need.


Management of main Warehouses:

1. Drug stores: Company has stores in accordance with the highest standards for quality and storage methods that are in conformity with the standard and the technical specifications from the Egyptian Ministry of Health. Also, stores have been equipped with centrally air-conditioned cooling rooms for keeping medicines in accordance with good storage policies and standards (GSP).


2. Dairy Strategic Stores: The dairy stores in Cairo and Alexandria have been developed and renovated with the same standards as already mentioned. In addition there are also machines that measure the temperature and humidity and keep track of them all day with the help of the specialized team according to the latest technical and scientific foundations.


3. Bio stores and Vaccines: Cooling rooms were set up to save Insulin and biomedicines with the same quality, also temperature and humidity measurements that work automatically. Moreover, company stores have been developed to the foundations of the good storage and distribution standards GSP&GDP to keep pace with the latest storage systems of fortified baby formula, Insulin, imported drugs and also Biologics.


Non selling Sectors:-

            Financial and Economic Affairs Sector:

It does all financial transactions and banking to deal with supplier companies for medications whether local or foreign companies by dealing with

governmental owned banks and foreign banks.

As well as financial services and credit that are offered to customers both pharmacies and hospitals to make it easier to deal with them and provide the

needed requirements taking into account the credit systems from competitors to customers.

            Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Sector:

This vital and important sector shall play a leading role in the field of training human competencies and staff development at the highest level in all

fields, capabilities and specialties and cooperate with specialized and certified centers. Also, leadership development centers to prepare special

programs that accommodate with the needs of the company in order to develop capabilities and preparation of the second line to create a human

distinct competency in all areas of scientific and administrative work to be able to meet the requirements of the next stage which includes significant

challenges, in addition to doing all the business and administrative services of the company in order to prepare an atmosphere and a good environment

for the employees to do their jobs at the highest level of performance.


            Management of Engineering and Transport Affairs:

The company owns a large fleet of vehicles transporting goods estimated to a number of 665 cars, 124 of them are air-conditioned.


The mission of these cars is the delivery of medicines with all types and their transfer to the whole country to reach the customer as soon as possible

and to maintain them in good condition and appropriate temperature to the nature of each category, according to the foundations of good distribution

(GDP) through the air-conditioned cars. To guarantee the regularity of the work of these cars properly, maintenance is performed on a regular basis by

a large number of trained professionals at the highest level of skill in order to ensure regular maintenance of these cars and the highest run rate. In

addition to other professionals who work in all areas of maintenance for the companies' different branches and institutions.



            Management of Security:

In response to the requirements of the private security company to guard the company's stores and it's scattered branches in all parts of the Country, preparation and training of 166 security personnel working for the administration was done to carry out the surveillance of the highest level of skill in order to preserve the property of the company and what's inside it from medicines and equipment. As well as the implementation of all the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health, the manual and automatic fire, mechanical alarm and the safety of the work environment inside all aspects of the company.

Monitor the implementation of the instructions of security within the company's departments, branches and stores and follow up all the workers in a comprehensive program of data that contains all their data and information.

Provide the company's main site with surveillance cameras to follow up with the safety and security of the place and also the regularity of the workflow.



            General Information System Administration:

The establishment of an information technology center for the company to cover current and future needs. In addition to that, the implementation of the information network that connects all the branches, pharmacies, stores and centers across the country with each other and with the head office to a central database.

The company provides a service to meet the customers' requests through the telephone service center throughout the days of the year and working constantly from 8 am till 2 am (midnight) through an integrated team trained and coached on the latest methods of sales development and follow up and resolve the problems of pharmacists and respond to all questions and queries through this toll-free number: 08007777771.

After the success of the main center, mainstreaming of the project with 8 centers of across the country is being made.

The company is also moving forward in the implementation of development and modernization process to include all areas of the company.


            Management of Planning:

Contribute to the development of public policies for the company with the concerned authorities in the framework of the overall policy of the company.

Preparation of the plans for the general need of the drugs based on the average sales of different selling agencies.

Receive all the needs of the citizens by telephone, by fax and sent by mail from all the provinces/governorates outside Cairo to meet the demands of patients who find it difficult to get some drugs; and that's through the Citizen Service Bureau announced officially to the Ministry of Health.

Telephone Number: 0222052115                       Fax: 0222023124

Number: 22250000                                           Local: 1573, 1521, 1516

            In the field of development and modernization of company systems:

Currently, Updating of the company's branches and pharmacies is being made in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and methods of good storage and distribution.

Improving the work environment for employees in the company.

Raise the efficiency of workers through an effective plan and continuous training.

Fully automating all the company's aspects to facilitate access to data and information accurately to assist the senior management of the company to take the right decision at the right time.




Board of Directors:

Dr. Abo El futoh El Taweel               President of the Board of Directors and Managing Director

Dr. Tahane Mamdouh                          Managing Director of the branches and pharmacies

Mr. Shreif  Hassan                               Member of the Executive Council

Mr.Tahany Kamil                                 Elected Member of the Board of  Directors and Board Chairman of the   Associative Committee

Mr. Hany Whbala                                 Elected Member of the Board of Directors

Main premise and mailing address: 1353, Corniche El-Nil, Shobra, Cairo.

Telephone: 02-2225000

Fax: 02-22041060

Website: www.eptc-egydrug.co

Email: ceo@eptc-egydrug.com


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